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(2018-12-11, 18:49)bankarsonist Wrote: My Must haves: Good Wifi (wired isn't an option, dual ac preferred.),
Dual Boot (hopefully relatively easy once set up, cause my wife will be using as well while on mat leave so anything more than dual booting with the remote is too much) because..
1080p Netflix (I don't mind using a tablet version of the app in android, we've been using one on a TX3 mini for months now) 
I'll be running LibreELEC but no crazy files or anything.

I've narrowed it down to the following list:
Mecool BB2 Pro - DDR4 Ram (is there a libreelec build for this? Can it get 1080p Netflix? Is the DDR4 worth it?)
Mecool M8S Pro L - (AC wifi? Can it get 1080p Netflix?)
Mecool KI Pro - (AC wifi? Can it get 1080p Netflix?)
Wetek Hub/Play2 (Go for the AC Hub? or the 2GB RAM Play2?)
Minix U1 (Can it get 1080P Netflix?)

All are about the same price (give or take $10, I'm in Canada). I'm leaning towards the KI Pro or the Play 2. Any suggestions? I officially hit analysis paralysis. Doesn't help that you guys have so much helpful information.  Tongue
If you could order the above from which one you would get firs to which one you would get last and why, I would be eternally grateful.  Tongue

1080p Netflix needs a device with Widevine L1 DRM and HDCP 1.x

The MINIX U1 does not have that, the others do.
The Android TV OS App of Netflix no longer works on uncertified Netflix devices which is all of the above devices on the list.
A modded tablet version of the touchscreen Netflix App still works.

The MINIX U1 / U9 products have the best AC WiFi vs all the other AMLogic devices simply because they have two Antennas for AC MIMO WiFi.
They also have the best Wireless air mouse keyboard remotes - the MINIX A2 lite is the best one to get.
They also have the best heatsinks of the entire AML family.

The WeTek Play2 has B/G/N WiFi only. Avoid the WeTek Hub for anything Android. 1GB RAM causes issues with Android, its fine with LibreELEC.
You will need a Wireless Air mouse remote to use the Netflix tablet App.

You can get 1080p Netflix using the Kodi Leia Netflix Addon (click) on Android device with Widevine L1 DRM. (reliability may be an issue)
You also get 5.1 DD+ or 5.1 DD audio from that Kodi Leia Netflix Addon as well.

Only the MINIX U9 and the Play2 have working Android Kodi Leia auto refresh switching for silky smooth 24p Android Kodi Leia Netflix playback.

What would I get for dual boot ?
A MINIX U9 simply because of superior hardware and the high quality integrated Wireless remote.
Otherwise the Mecool's that have Widevine L1 DRM, HDCP 1.x and AC WiFi, and add a Wireless Air Mouse remote to them.

Netflix and AC WiFi the main priority - seriously consider a 3rd option the 2018 Amazon FireTV 4K Stick that has superior AC MIMO WiFi plus a real easy to use, reliable 1080p 4K HDR Netflix App. The 4K Stick's Wireless remote is the best one in the business.
Then simply sideload Kodi Leia.


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