Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
I've posted version 0.18.3 which fixes an issue when reporting and notifying of missing web service IDs in the library, which are required for Artwork Beef to find any artwork from web services.
(2018-03-20, 11:10)sniferx1 Wrote: Very quick question on where in this Add-on I need to set below API Keys

You don't change any other API key.

(2018-03-21, 00:31)docwra Wrote: Finally some success with skin and new artwork!

Looks good. I am definitely looking forward to more skins with music artwork without needing Skin Helper Service.

(2018-03-21, 22:22)o0nightfire0o Wrote: ok so guys ive had problems with artwork downloader so as suggested im moving to artwork beef, i see for movies it grabs everything including logos, though i tried once and when i scraped movies with it and checked my logo view there were no logos, is there something i need to do to have the logos show up? i use aeon nox btw..... also is there anything i need to do to set it up well? trying to avoid reading through so much

There is nothing special about logo configuration, they work just like every other artwork type. I need more information if you want more help.

See this page, and if your question still isn't answered then I need a Kodi debug log including a few attempts to find/set a logo and the relevant block of the artwork-report.txt. Make sure Artwork Beef is updated to version 0.18.3.

I think most options are clear and the documentation answers other questions I can think of; I have nothing else to add, no super secret shortcut that could somehow tell you everything you need to know without reading the options and maybe documentation.

@Benna Can you link to the version of the skin you are using? Is the problem with multiple fanart from an item in a widget, or a slideshow that rotates through fanart for all items (or maybe just all TV shows or movies) in the library?

Did you let Artwork Beef run through the first full process on the other devices (enable the option "Do not automatically add artwork from web services, only identify local files" on the other devices to save some time)?

@Angelinas I do like the idea of multiple posters, but when supported they will be added into the library as "poster1", "poster2", and so on and saved alongside all the rest, not to an "extraposters" directory. I don't want to encourage skins to access them from the file system directly. If I do expand these extra directory options then I will use the simplest convention that can apply to any art types: just the art type, "poster" or "characterart" or "keyart", without the "extra" and no concern for plural naming.
(2018-03-24, 01:55)Grifone1893 Wrote: If I try to change a fanart from "Select artwork..." nothing happens when I press on the selected fanart.

This dialog lets you select multiple fanart, so you first mark all of the fanart you want included (the currently assigned artwork will be preselected and displayed in a style defined by your skin), then press OK to save the changes.
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