Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
@Slipass Here is a development item tracking this idea for Artwork Beef, but it's a low priority. I can't speak for any other development, but it's all software so one thing or another can be changed, it requires someone to work on it.

It is outside of the scope of "scrapers" to download artwork locally, and adding this to Kodi would take some design consideration and then significant coding changes. A media manager that supports extrathumbs is the solution here.

Edit: @komplex Make sure you delete all of the local fanart, including the main fanart image, not just the extra fanart. Run another debug log, but this time enable the Artwork Beef setting Enable Artwork Beef debug context items on the "Advanced" tab and then run "AB: log debug info" from the "Manage ..." context menu of the movie before running "AB: Add missing artwork". Then post a new debug log if the fanart still isn't added.
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