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Yes i know. When I do scrape new movies I used to get to select image files individually. But for new TV shows i have always used right click re-scrape option. It is just that I have this habit and I used it since I first tried Ember.

When I have a new show, in previous version, I would just right click new show and re-scrape. Window would open up and I would check info on TV show and click OK.It would download not only info but poster, banner, fanart, without asking me to select image. Images would be there (without me selecting them).

In Alpha when I do that it opens up window and if I do not go and select each image on separate tabs it won't save them. Just the matter of efficiency and faster process. All I am saying is that I think it would make sense to do it automatically like previous version did. Why not the same procedure for TV shows as is for new movies right now in Alpha when I re-scrape new movie in first row I get all image files selected for me and i just click OK and they are there (I love this change). Why is that not the case for TV shows/

I see what you are saying. Next time when I want to scrape new show I will try to do by Scrape Movie (TV) command.
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