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(2016-07-22, 13:24)DanCooper Wrote: Answer for link and link:

The latest Alpha version supports sources that contains only one show, but there are some restrictions:
- a source can't be a directory that is inside of another source
- a source can't be a driectroy that contains another source
- each tv show has to have his "main" folder directly inside the source directory (exept a directory is set as source with only one tv show)

The reason is that Ember has many tools to rename and move files and directories. It's not possible (or too much effort) to code all this functions without anything goes wrong.
The different between Kodi and Ember is, that Kodi add each parent/sub directory as own database entry that can be set to an own "source". Ember is not able to so that.

Expert settings:
I will try to add an option to set custom Actorthumbs, Extrafanarts and Extrathumbs paths. Will be implemented in one of our next Alpha releases.

Missing Episode 1.nfo:
I've no idea why this file is missing...

ExtraBanners, ExtraClearArts...
For most image sources (like TMDB, Fanart.tv) it's not allowed to fetch all images per default. Also Kodi does only support Extrafanarts and Extrathumbs, so it don't make sense to fetch more than one image for all other image types.

It's not possible to use <showtitle> for file naming. The reason is that we only know the show title if we have readed the tv show NFO. If you set <showtitle>.nfo as NFO path, we are not able to find the file because we need the file to get the tv show title... do you understand? ;-)
Thank you for your reply, for answering all of my concerns, and for pointing me towards the right thread.
I've solved the issue of missing episode1.nfo (all shows usually require re-scraping for some reason)

And I've understood the problem of <showtitle>
However, it made me think of a workaround.

Workaround for <showtitle>:
Won't it be possible to use the show folder name that contains the show instead of the showtitle.nfo that will be parsed at a later time?
Usually the original folder name that contain the show has the same name as the show title (that's how ember scrapes all the shows files), so won't it be possible to use for example the show <foldername>/<sourcename> instead of the <showtitle>?

If it's possible to use the folder name that contains the show then it will solve the problem of not having the show title in expert settings (I actually prefer the name of the folder more than the showtitle) and anyone will be able to use eg: "/Metadata/<foldername>-banner.png". And many different use cases for <foldername> comes to mind for my use-cases in organizing folders.

Screenshot for better explanation:

Image > Image > Image

I hope I made sense!
Thanks again!
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