Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-11-04, 13:28)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-11-04, 07:34)mathu204 Wrote: Hi, need some more help and some questions, so I tried to add a home main menu item for anime. "Anime 2" in the screenshot and originally put the action to my anime videos folder, and then i set up few widgets for it. https://imgur.com/a/zSfcp7A (more explanation in the images too sorry i am not really explaining this correctly)

I set it up and when i went to to click on it instead of showing the hub with the widgets I set it sent me to that folder, i realized i was doing something wrong because i needed to set up the action to rather than send to my anime videos folder, to show the widgets i set up for that specific main menu item. Also the widgets for Anime 2 started showing up in Home.

Im not sure what the correct action is though to get that, in common I see a few hubs that are Home, TV Hub, Movie Hub, My Hub and New Hub. TV, Home, New were already being used so am I correct to assume only these 4 hubs can show widgets and you cant set up more than that? What is the point of showing Widgets for all these main menu items then? 

How I got this to work was by making Anime 1, and putting the action to My Hub, and then using the Unlock Hubs function set up spotlight and widgets, but then in the configure skin settings, none of those widgets show up and i cant add any from there I have to do it through Unlock hubs. I just found it confusing at first but my questions are

1. Am i not able to have widgets outside the Hubs? (Movie, TV, New, and My)
2. Am I not able to have more than those 4 hubs?
3. I also tried to set up My Custom List as an item and add both Movie and TV Watchlist from TMDB Helper, but it seems I can only set one widget for that item. Am I correct to assume I cant add more widgets to My Custom list? I had to use My custom list since from my understanding I cant add more Hubs or else i wouldve just added an extra hub and set widgets ilke that.
4. How can I set widgets for hubs from the configure skin settings, cause for the Home main menu item I can set widgets from there but not the other hubs.

5.Also this one is a feature request or question, is it possible to set different aspects for different widgets rather than all widgets being set to Poster or Landscape? My Custom List uses Landscape while the rest are Poster, but I cant change any individually, I would like to have My next episodes widget as landscape and the rest poster.

Just going through your screenshots and somethings up with your setup (ignoring the hubs for a minute).

1.  Your resolution still doesn't look right. The aspect ratio isn't correct, I can tell the font and icons are still squashed. You need a 16:9 resolution. Did you set your display to 1920 x 1080 and "use full screen window" and then restart like I mentioned? 

2. Your spotlight is also all wrong for some reason. Maybe something to do with your artwork, not sure. Your fanart (which sits in the spotlight) needs to be 16:9 aspect ratio (typically 1920 x 1080 or 3840 x 2160).  Where is this artwork being pulled from in your pictures?  You're also missing clearlogos which is a separate issue.

3. Regarding hubs and home: Confusingly, every widget you set from "Configure Shortcuts" (so that's your pictures 1 & 2) will all appear on home. 8 widgets for each shortcut allows for a lot of widgets on Home.  Custom hubs like the TV and movies hub are can only be set by using the "unlock hubs" option and then by configuring them within their respective hub (from the homescreen). Don't forget to select the "lock hubs" option after they're configured.

In response to 2 it’s not a big deal ik why that is, don’t want to mention it, however I have the spotlight working correctly in home and TV hubs. Okay so thank you for clearing that up for me, am I correct to assume then that I cannot have more than 5 hubs (home, tv, movie, my hub, and new). If so I understand I’m getting the hang of it but I think it would be a nice feature to add more hubs.

In response to 1,I did the resolution change but every time I open Kodi and full screen it it automatically goes back to 1366 I’m not sure why.

And adding on to my question 5, I really think choosing aspect per widget would be really nice atleast between bingie poster and bingie landscape not sayinf u should be able to put in banner plex or something like that. If there are limitations to this, maybe choosing widget style for each hub atleast would be nice as my custom list and I assume my list already uses a different aspect

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