Im new here so idk if im posting in the right forum Confused
Here's my problem. A friend of mine got an email from her cable company about some copyrights problems bc she watched a movie on kodi and she may need a lawyer. Now i know for a fact that watching something in streaming isnt against the law, only downloading is, which she hasnt. I feel super bad as i recommended kodi Sad
Can anyone help me ??
Nothing wrong with recommending Kodi,
But the issue is with the add-ons you recommended.
Depending in which country you live streaming could be marked as illegal.
LibreElec Kodi | Aeon MQ ?
It was Exodus and she's from US. She looked it up and its not illegal there to watch videos in streaming. So why send her an email like this
Well, if she's certain it's not illegal to stream, then her lawyer need to convey that fact in a court of law.
If it was we'd be all breaking the law just with YouTube. No?
Officially YouTube doesn't have so called illegal streams.
If they do they get often taken offline.
The add-ons you're referring to are specially made for showing illegal contents.
But you could ask help from where you or she got that add-on from.
If pre-loaded ask the re-seller because they are offering those boxes complete installed with those add-ons.
Kodi doesn't support those add-ons.
LibreElec Kodi | Aeon MQ ?
Found it on YouTube, there's many videos showing how to install it and say how its one of the best add on. Did not know it was bad Sad
I regret telling her about it and feel very guilty.
Kodi may not support it but they allow it to be there. Cant they delete it or something?
YouTube is a social media site, you're viewing contents from other users, participants. Unless the user, who owns the video, expressly forbids you from using it for monetary gain or whatever reason, it's a free for all.
Jessika - please keep in mind that kodi does not provide any content. your friend is on her own.

see the following blog posts.
Right. I still think they should know whats being downloaded on their app. Ppl are using their app to make illegal add-ons. They must be able to remove or something, as its their application. Thanks anyway
no - the user is on their own. kodi provides zero content.
The other key point is that the add-on (indeed all the add-ons on the banned add-on (wiki) list) are 3rd party - not supplied, approved, recommended or condoned by Team Kodi. The people to take it out on are the people who author and provide them, often done in a way to disguise the nature of the source media they are using and to fool people into thinking that they are getting "a good deal".

But if you stop and think for a moment, anything in this life that is too good to be true (for example is giving you for free something that you would normally have to pay for, in this case media, TV shows, channels and/or movies, even movies currently still in theatres) should have alarm bells ringing in the mind about legality and trustworthiness.
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(2016-08-17, 00:53)Jessika Wrote: Right. I still think they should know whats being downloaded on their app. Ppl are using their app to make illegal add-ons. They must be able to remove or something, as its their application. Thanks anyway

People are free to do what they like on their systems. You wouldn't expect Microsoft to block you running apps on Windows because they don't agree with them would you?

It's about personal responsibility. Your friend (and I'm sure you too) knew exactly what you were doing because they wanted to watch movies for free that you would normally expect to pay for. Whether it's technically legal or a grey area loophole in their country or not, they made a moral decision and need to take responsibility for that.

It's they same for add-on developers. They are free to create whatever they wish and plug it in to Kodi. You just won't see any of those sorts of add-ons being supported whatsoever.

We take a neutral stance on piracy here. We don't care what you do but we will not discuss or offer support for such things on these forums.
Always read the Kodi online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Read/follow the forum rules.
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