Aeon Madnox Leia not page scrolling completely
Hi all, thanks for the continued work on this, I was running 17.6 for the longest time but since I saw Madnox works now with Leia I switched.   I have 1 niggly little thing I wonder if I can ask about, I use Kodiflix as my view for Movies, I have it set to centered and scroll ascending left to right...alphabetically.  The issue is when I want to scroll through quickly...when you press down on the remote and it allows you to essentially "page scroll"  9 at a time, this only works until about halfway though my library and then it stops jumping to the next 9 movies and I can see the small indicator bar at the bottom has reached as far right as it can go, I have to press up and then  single scroll through the rest of the movies.  Any thoughts on why this happens
Just checked and this also happens with other layouts like Showcase. 

If I switch to Alphabet pagescroll I have no issues, and when I switch off Alphabet pagescroll the regular scrolling works without issue, but this "fix" stops on reboot.

Any idea where the pagescroll xml is configured...would a debug log help?
I do not have this issue when I switch to other skins
Seriously, has nobody else experienced this?
I have just installed Kodi  on another PC and the exact same issue. 
Debug log says regarding  : MyVideoNav.xml      Control has invalid animation type (no condition or no type)   and  further down states could not find texture "scrollbar v.png, vbar.png

(2020-02-18, 23:14)homerjs Wrote: Seriously, has nobody else experienced this?
Nope. I don't use this skin. I don't even know if it is properly supported anymore and judging by the post history I don't think there is a wide userbase. So I guess you might be on your own trying to figure it out.

But you could at least post the full Debug Log, rather than an out of context line from it. You might get a drive-by responder.
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I think development of the original Aeon Madnox skin has pretty much dried up.
If you didn't know already Madnox 2.0, which a complete re-write of the original Aeon Madnox skin is where you are most likely to find any focus for this skin these days.
This updated version is still being developed, but quite close to an Alpha release the last time I checked.
You can follow the current progress here:- 325359 (thread)
appreciate the reply guys, I will take your advice and also follow that thread.

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Aeon Madnox Leia not page scrolling completely0
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