v19 Seeing Green Screen for Recordings
I upgraded to Kodi 19.1 over the weekend and was pleased to notice that the green screen I was seeing briefly when starting playback for movies, TV Shows or a live TV Channel had been fixed. However, the same thing is still happening when I start playback on a TV Recording. I'm not sure if this is a Kodi issue or something that is being caused by my own Windows hardware, but the fact it was doing this as well for Video and Live TV playback prior to 19.1 might suggest that the Kodi guys did in fact change something that resolved most of issue. 
Do you have a Windows set-up yourself that you able to test yourself? Was curious to know if this was unique to my just my PC, or if other users are seeing the same thing.

Update: Using skip steps for TV recordings is also causing green screen flicker for a split second as well. This does not happen when starting playback or using skip feature with regular blu ray rips, so only appears to be happening with TV recording files.

Also, un-related to the above, but I've also noticed that I'm not getting any guide data for my radio channels. I don't go into the radio channels section that often, so not sure if this is something that's happened after upgrading. Are you guide data for your radio channels on your set-up?
I don’t see any green screen. And I just ran it on a windows 10 box and there is no green screen either.

All my radio channels have data.

Are you using a custom skin or the default for these tests?
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(2021-05-17, 23:53)phunkyfish Wrote: Are you using a custom skin or the default for these tests?
Yeah, all tests were run using the default estuary skin.
However....it now seems the problem hasn't gone away for movie and TV show playback either. Started a couple of each type this morning and observed green screen when when starting playback and using skip feature. Starting a live TV channel seems to be fine though, with no issue.

I did buy a new PC last autumn, which has HDR support. I don't know if that has any bearing on what I'm seeing? This doesn't exist on Leia (Probably because HDR support in Kodi wasn't implemented) and pretty sure I only started to observe this happening when Matrix went into the beta phases. Maybe it's best for me to post something in the HDR thread or Video support, as the problem still seems to be affecting all video types and not just recordings, as I had initially believed at the time of writing my original post. 

As for radio channels, there is no data on my backend STB, so that's why I'm not seeing in Kodi. I tried doing a refresh of EPG Import, which is what I use to fetch my guide data, but still nothing. Just checked again in case the epg data had updated on it's regular daily download schedule in the early hours, but still nothing. Not so bothered about radio channels anyway, as I don't tend to use them very often and only spotted the missing guide data purely by chance. I thought it might have been a problem with the recent 19.1 upgrade....I should have checked my STB first, so soz for the confusion.  Blush

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