Adding Several Movie Directories to Nox

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hype Offline
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This seems like something that shouldn't be nearly as hard as im making it but if someone could help me out it would be hugely appreciated...

Currently I have Videos (For all HD Movies) and then tv shows...

I wanted to add a few more directories such as one for just Horror and another for all standard definition movies....

I would like all this in the home directory...

In the settings all i could see was the add-on and favorite options and i want something where i can add entire new movie directories to the home directory...
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Mindzai Offline
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Sounds like you need Smart Playlists. They allow you to do everything you want (though you should note that genres are already viewable via the Movies submenu).

I'm a bit confused by your mention of home directory - as a *nix user to me this means the ~ directory but I'm not sure if this is what you mean as well? Anyway, if you use smart playlists you don't have to actually move any files around or anything else.
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yeah sorry, i didn't explain it that clearly...

basically i wanted to make 2 more directories in the home menu right beside "Movies" and "TV Shows" called "Horror" and "Standard Definition" .. so when you first open XBMC you see all 4 of those separately.. does that make more sense?

i know you can just view movies by genre but i'd like to have horror and standard definition by there selves.. i just have quite a large collection and that's how i've always separated them.. it's going to get extremely packed if i just throw all this in movies...

another thing the other people that will be accessing this at times likes all genres but horror so that's another reason i always kept them separate...

the only other way i could see is being able to make playlists of only hd then another playlist of all genres but horror then another of just horror.. that just seems like alot of work and there'd be an easier way...

the only time i've been able to mess with xbmc since i just downloaded it earlier this week was after 12+ hour shifts so maybe i just need to look at it harder this weekend with some fresh eyes lol...

i appreciate the help though, if there's no other way of achieving what i want, i'll spend awhile messing with the smart playlists this weekend.. thanks.
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Banditt Offline
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Smart Playlists are your best best and then you can add them to the home page

Using Aeon Nox:
1) Go to System > Skin > Playlist Shortcuts
2) Under "Add Video Playlist to Home Menu" just point to each of your playlists

You could also add them to the Movies Submenu so when you press down on movies you can select them (That is What I do) - I have one submenu for Kids stuff, 1 for Grown Up Movies (I thought naming it 'Adult' would make it sound weird, and 1 for Recent (>=2010)
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DreadJak Offline
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You can also use a Favourites shortcut. You simply highlight the directory you want on XBMC, hit AppKey (the button next to alt) and then hit Add to Favourites), then go to System -> Skin -> Favourites Shortcuts (second from bottom), and Enable Favourite Button 1.
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