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Too many steps to view movies
I may just be using XBMC/Backrow incorrectly, but this has been bugging the hell out of me.

So I'm in the main XBMC menu with Backrow installed, if I navigate to Movies it will bring up a black/grey screen that has list options like Genre, Title, Newly Added, etc and I have to select the Title option to see all of my movies.

How can I set it up so that when I click Movies from the home screen it instantly shows all of my movies, and if I want to sort I can do it from the sub-menu on the home screen?

Basically, I want it to work like my old Roku box (in Netflix view)

Sorry again if I'm just being a doofus. Smile
change the way your movies are displayed. big wall/small wall/ etc
There is actually a skin option I think it says video library defaults to root level or something like that. You need to uncheck that.
Thank you, it worked wonderfully.

Thank you so much for Back-Row, in my opinion it's the very best skin I've tried for XBMC. It bests transparency and all variants of Aeon by a mile.
Thanks that's kind of you to say - glad it's working for you.

Too many steps to view movies00