HELP with Rom Collection Browser please...
can anyone help me with setting up the games/emulators in this pluggin? or direct me to some tutorial...i've watched that video and tried it but for some reason it don't work for me...

i need to know:

emulator params, commands (for SNES, NES, N64 & Sega Genesis) i've tried to leave it default ( but it don't work...

emulators i'm using is:
Sega = fusion364
SNES = snes9x
NES = Fceux 2.0.0
N64 = Project 64
(i'm not opposed to changing these if i need to)

my rom collections are:
sega = smd
snes = smc
nes = nes
n64 = z64
(are these right extentions i need?)

any help will be appreciated!!!
Here is an useful wiki page for emulator parameters and command line configuration :
As Angelscry said, the above Wiki is the best start to get all your emu command lines and parameters. Also there are some general setup instructions in this Wiki.

If you have trouble with setting up Rom Collection Browser you should check the RCB Wiki here:
thx for your responses but i've looked over all of the links and have tried everything it says to do but it still doesn't work...don't know what i'm doing/done wrong with this, but it just pops up a window and closes and nothing else happens Sad i'm at a lose and don't know what to do...but thx for your help anyway...if you have anyother thoughts or suggestions please share...
Show your xbmc.log file after you tried to launch a game. You will find your log file at "C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\xbmc.log". Upload it to pastebin and post the link here.
alright, well, my dang collection just vanished, i'm havin a hell of a time with xbmc for some be honest i'm close to going back to mediaportal, i really don't want to but i'm just running into a bunch of hurdles with xbmc Sad but when i get done adding my rom collection i'll post that log...i can't say thx enough tho for taken the time to help me with this!
Do you have trouble with XBMC in general or just with setting up your game collection? Don't mix up XBMCs main functionality with the additional features provided by certain addons.

If you have trouble with RCB just reproduce your problem and post the log file here or in the RCB thread. I am sure we will be able to solve your issues.

If you don't get along with the way RCB works, try out Advanced Launcher. Feature sets of both addons are quite similar but both work a bit different. Maybe this one fits your needs better.
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