[Live][2011-07-14] No more audio with latest built

I compile and build the latest version from Git, and after the last get from GIT my XBMC is completely silent. Whatever I choose, music, navigation sound or video, my xbmc is completely silent. I checked my cables and receiver and they are all fine, so I am hoping that this will be fixed very soon.

Who has got the same experience with the latest built, or a way for me to check things?

I am running on a ion 330, which is connected to my receiver via optical. I disabled the dolby surround capable options in xbmc, set the settings to Optical/coax. The first device is the IEC97 (or something) and the passthrough is HDMI, although I do not use the HDMI audio.

Hope you can help.
I now reverted back to the 10.1 live version, and that works without any problems. What I noticed that is different, is that in the latest build, the sound configuration has (ALSA) between brackets, whiles the (ALSA) is not there in the 10.1 live version. Maybe that is causing this issue?
I have the same issue, I have just updated to the latest PVR branch and the audio has stopped working.

I understand it was merge with the master so thats probably why its happening in the PVR branch now.

I have a revo 3700.

Frontend : OpenELEC PVR runnig on Acer Revo 3700
Backend : Ubuntu 11.10 running with TVHeadend 1 x DVB-T, 1 x Dual DVB-S2
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[Live][2011-07-14] No more audio with latest built00