[eden-pre] Strange buffering with http://stream

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divingmule Offline
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When trying to play the live TWiT streams from bitgravity the player opens and immediately starts to buffer, seems to hang 'buffering....50%'. If I select play in the OSD it seems to play without issue.

In this debug log - http://paste.ubuntu.com/654591/ I use the TWiT add-on but the result is the same with a .strm file.

This is only an issue with eden-pre, earlier versions work fine.
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drbig Offline
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I am seeing the same thing ...

not had chance to debug yet
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Iccanui Offline
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Hello. I just wanted to add that on my atv2 is also am having the issue.

I also get a error of

" Cache is full "
"Cache filled before reaching required amount for .."

Then plays but, but is delayed by a few minutes. Looks tight, but it drives me crazy not being live. Smile
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m0v1em4n Offline
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Yes me to playing trailer
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