Video Intro (by request)

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Thumbs Up  Video Intro (by request)
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Nessus -
here is the link to the intro. keep in mind all i did was replace my xbmc logo with yours. your logo is a little on the low-res side and this will show on a larger screen. the video is 1280x720-h.264. i was using the video as an intro for the cinema experience plugin.

use this however you would like. send me a higher res logo if you want it to look better. give me some ideas on a new intro and i will try them.

thanks for you interest.

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Thanks dsimages

This looks fantastic. I will pm XBMCG33K for permission and to see if i can make a high resolution logo to use it.

I'll get back to you soon as i have news from XBMCG33K.

Thanks again for your work.

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where is the video?

-- please forgive me for my bad english -- :blush:
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