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Play on XBMC - Picasa Video's
Running a Gingerbread Android, when I click on a video in my Gallery now (that is on Picasa) it prompts me to play on XBMC (or locally).

Wow - this would be great, a very cool way to play my own videos and family vids on my XBMC instance.

However, when I try it, it fails.

showing this in the log:
ERROR: XBMC.PlayMedia could not play media:

If I copy/paste this into my browser, it reports: Access to the web page was denied
You are not authorised to access the web page at blah blah blah..

If I look at the link in picasaweb, it could be that the full link is being truncated - missing the remainder of the params.

I've tried unprotecting the album, so anyone with the link can access, but not making it completely public.
Yep, doesn't work, even if album is public....

This would be so cool if it worked.
same problem here Confused

Play on XBMC - Picasa Video's00