Dedicated HTPC build
Hi all,

Since my dad really don't know how to use a computer (and he's saying that he's to old to learn how to use one) and been bugging me that he wanted to watch movies and tv series that I have on my media server even if I'm away at work, I decided to go on with my dedicated HTPC project (supposed to be a Christmas project). This will enable my dad to just power on the HTPC and watch away (instead of using my work/gaming PC, switching displays, etc). So here's the parts that I have listed

(NOTE: this is my starting list. The final list of hardware can be found on the next page)
Case: SelverStone GD05B
MoBo: Biostar H61MGC
CPU: Intel Celeron G530
PSU: Antec Neo Eco 430
RAM: Kingston HyperX 4GB
SSD: Patriot Torqx 2 32GB
GPU: Asus GT430
IR Receiver: HP
Remote: Logitech Harmony 300i

I'll try to get all/most of the parts on a local store (if the price difference is just a few $) which will save me all the trouble RMAing something if needed.

It will be running XBMC on top of win7 and will also be use for video conferencing.

Suggestions and other inputs are welcome and appreciated.

Finished Build: See the final list of hardware and the finished build here on the next page
I might swap this Corsair 60GB SSD for the one on the list.
i would keep the torqx2, good reviews form our users here...

biostar, not saying its not ok, i would avoid,,,
beer40onze had issues with his biostar mobo...

gt430 is a great card, its fan might be noisy tho...
there's a fanless version ASUS GT430 FANLESS

300i is an ok basic remote,
but i f u can afford, the 600 or 650 is the way to go...
mainly because u can program activities, so 1 button powers on ALL needed devices
and also because they can tweak speed delays which the 300i cant...
i had to change mine because of that...

Ram and CPU perfect
Thanks for the suggestions eskro. Will be driving by the local store tonight and will see what are available locally and what online stores has to offer.

Noise is not really an issue for me. I do live 6 miles away from an international airport runway and half mile away from a train station. I would only complain about noise if it's louder than a boeing 747 taking off above my house :p
Had bad experiences with bio but it could just been that one I got.... go for it!
tell us how stable it is!
Thanks guys. I already order some parts today and will pick up the others tonight. I should have everything up and running within the week ^_^

Eskro: Is 4GB enough if I'll turn off the page file?

Another question regarding gpu. Zotac GT430 currently offers $30 AR + Shipping. Haven't had any zotac gpu previously, any know issue with them?
yes, 4GB is enough to turn off page file...

again, for the GPU, if noise factor isnt an issue for you,
i dont see whats wrong with that card... go for it!
So, after 4 days, I received most of the stuff I ordered online. But the SSD got separated from the delivery (i don't know why even though I ordered most of the parts from newegg). Yesterday I received the HP IR receiver (ebay) and the MoBo, PSU, and Ram (newegg via USPS). I checked the SSD status, even though the warehouse it came from is just a few miles away from where the other stuff from newegg where shipped from, the SSD just left the warehouse for delivery yesterday (via DHL) Sad so I still need to wait for a few days to finish this build. I got the case, cpu, logitech harmony remote and gpu from my local Fry's.
waiting game :p

well, till then, take some pictures for us of the stuff
you already have at hand Tongue
one of the things I am not good at...waiting...specially if i know that it should have arrived together with the other stuff I ordered with it.

Yup, will post pictures Smile
So, finally, I have finished my first dedicated HTPC build and was able to enjoy it yesterday. As promised here are the final hardware list and some pictures of the build (was not able to take a lot of photo because I forgot to charge my camera)

(Note: all links are from newegg. I just find it easier to search at newegg than the website of my local stores where I bought most of the items)

CPU: Intel G530
RAM: 2x4GB Lingston HyperX (I know this is an overkill but it was on sale + rebate)
GPU: Asus GT430
CASE: Silverston Grandia GD05B
SSD: Patriot Torqx2 32GB SSD
MoBo: MSI H61M-E33 (B3)
PSU: Antec Neo Eco 400W
IR Receiver: HP 5188-1667
Remote: Logitech Harmony 300i

[Image: 6321562186_59cd4cb875.jpg]

[Image: 6321039041_64e1e8ffd8.jpg]

[Image: 6321563566_4ca9919521.jpg]

[Image: 6321578290_70c355ab4f.jpg]

[Image: 6321041405_7e465b23e9.jpg]

[Image: 6321565574_3006aebd05.jpg]
[Image: 6321042775_8df0ddb271.jpg]

[Image: 6321566902_7b6eb5aa41.jpg]

[Image: 6321567750_0403bdee2e.jpg]
And here's XBMC Dharma using Aeon Nox
[Image: 6321045249_f73e0d6fbe.jpg]

[Image: 6321046227_3a66eff9b4.jpg]

[Image: 6321046743_aba5f6bdc1.jpg]
Yes, I do love anime ^_^

[Image: 6321571248_4f4a6f8d32.jpg]

Thanks to all who helped and contributed their thoughts and ideas on this build. My dad is very happy that he don't have to wait for me to get home from work in order to watch shows on my media server (until they move back to their house after new year).
Sweeeeeet!! Like the B/W photo's! Enjoy, well.. I hope Dad enjoy'sWink
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