PM3 mod : visuals/movie overlay
another little hack played around for a few hours, the first 3 attemps overpowered the text so i went with simple but it looks good.
ill release source pics and xmls if anyone interested to my pics/my progs/my videos/my music and settings.
seriously bp... this is the same junk you always post.

screenshots in a rar... waste of time. post screenshots in the post. not a link.

also, do not post anything unless you are going to post the link to the xml/images at the same time! we do not need to ask you ans say please... that is childish.

i like the mods and i would like to impliment some... just post it all at once... sheesh.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
ok i just keep that file upto date thats all




can do but there is graphics files and have to be embedded into texture.xpr Smile so only really skinner can use or i could redo standard pm3 which choke said not to do, any sugeestions

ps this is y the pics are here there are many mods some locked in texture.xpr (runs badly not in texture.xpr Sad ), some might need source psds and not the flat images. this is y i post mod pics so people could ask for something more specific, everyone has diff tastes and most of mod is in graphics not xmls you can change those in seconds.  xmls are here
seriously just ask or pm exactly what files you want and ill send it to you like i have done for others Smile. i would release skin that that piss people off more than asking for stuff i only want to support a mod not uploaded moded skins.
the pics make it look pretty damn sweet, wouldn't mind checking that out at all. you have done a few mods i wish chokey would use in the official skin. mainly it would be nice to see him follow the trend of user-friendly that seems to have been going on lately and pick up the help screen, maybe the help screen could be laid out into a setting screen to alter your keymap.xml for the controller and the remote...that would be sweet! anyways, this looks like another mod i would like to see the official skin pick up.
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hey britneyspairs
a cool mod!how is this to do?can you give me some advice?
i made 1.3 compliant skin last night ill assemble a 1.3 package tonight, and how to mod it. ive started a few other things as well that i wasnt sure about pm3 for my taste.
any idea how to change the background color in pm iii? i don't like the black/white. i prefer the blue look like used in pm i for example.



like your mod...i have tv videos on computer hard drive..i would like to select "television" so it can go straight to my tv folder..any suggestions?? Wink
ok ive finished a 1.3 version  is pics sorry to all those that hate this (ive changed 3 pics above)

i will convert it from my format to a public one, if anyone wants something nows the time to ask

1)sorry i can recolor but not tonight tommorrow, ill convert to a public release (note:pm2 redone to 1.3 last night so people can use)
2) ill documment how to add a tv folder and arcade game launcher to skin. and also put each of the hacks and each xml to change to modify something in skin, cause theres a million questions and it will at least help find the xml for you 2 mod.

also ive changed nearly every file, now do i not name it a pm3 hack (as per chokes orders) and people say its a hack? ummm as if i didnt know it was Confused
do i release a complexed lot of moded files that is 90 percent of the files anyway and people work out how to patch in?
so where to grab this skin?
hey brinteyspairys

my girlfriends birthday is soon so i want to give here a gift (xbox with pm3 and mode,she love the skin too) where can i get the mod?

ill upload one tonight new zealand time, ive got to write abit of stuff for customisation
and work out what buttons public want and what they wont
ok thanks can you send me please a mail or a link please if its online?



[email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email]
for modded skin 1.3 latest cvs only

please post any questions

1 simplified button (sorry i know some will want more control but its way easier now)
2 made it so it opens to the thumbpanel instead of options on side in all but my games as it doesnt work yet
3 redid icons
4 moved scripts and internet stuff to right trigger
5 moved everything i could to settings and redid graphics
6 added visuals and movie overlays to nearly all of the skin (but still tried not to over welm it)
7 add help button with a few keys
8 added 3 bttons on home page settings / filemanager / shut down and removed all words to make home have as little on it as possible
9 redid full screen visual
10 removed big logo
11 added a movies and a television button and added instructions how to add
12 remove g drive from sys info once again sorry but easy to readd back
13 moved around settings alot Sad
14 moved or redid all buttons on front , eg weather report moved to right thumbstick
15 add todays weather to front page
16 add world news rss to home, in settings is xbox scene rss and in videos there is the usa top 5 or 10 movies

plus alot more little tweaks. (cheers remember its just a mod the hard work was by choke and cause its a mod some may hate it with passion. origonal is in cvs)
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