PM3 mod : visuals/movie overlay
hi britneyparis - love your mod to pmiii.

i have changed a few things to suit myself. one thing though.

on pm iii (fig 1) you can see there is the xbmc logo. this fills the home page nicely.

on yours, pm iiix (fig 2) it looks a bit "lost" without any logo there!

fig 1 pm iii

fig 2 pm iiix

any chance of adding a small xbmc logo there? like below? fig 3

fig 3 pm iiix edit

thanks  :kickass:
just edit home.xml to open 16x9home.png not backer.png and it will have that graphic on it at that time delete 2 bottom sections of home.xml cause thats the text in top left.

i wanted home page stripped as much as poss
sorted, luvvly jubbly. keep up the good work  :thumbsup:

on more thing, how do i edit the bar shown in the pic below? cheers

i want to edit the scripts button so it points to a different script.

forget that. found it. "diologbuttonmenu.xml"
apparently it suxs.........but hey there it is love it or hate it
looks good mate Smile

the link:

is down. anywhere else to get this
so pulled skin as im updating it, adding alot more to playercontrol window to make it more functional, redid thumbpanel and few other surprises but these will require a patch that is being submitted to be put into cvs or else ill have to supply files
yes it looks good,but where i can download the mod??
ill upload a new one in a few days, left an upload there for 3 days, but 2 many leachers from other sites. anyone can upload to a skin site if they want ive deleted that one as my skins diff from public one i did. i get called names to mod even though everyone else does
hitech just read your posts pm me what buttons you want and ill make a skin tonight and send you link for it.
i want only the mods ,but i wanna like to have the normal standard buttons...

do you have a little round button for the xlink kai?

can you put the inside mod that picture you put in your pics folder i saw...

thanks a lot!!
do you know the orbs skin?if yes you know if you go to mymusic you can see the cd can you make it like this too and like myprogram with the xbox cover?
bp, you sure go outta your way to please people.

have you ever considered putting a button on the myweather.xml, that calls the script?
For python coding questions first see
yip but next version i might add scripts folder as i have intergrated lots of scripts into my version

ive reput on a modded version of the xbmc logo choke did just a bit smaller thought it was 2 over powering. after i finish a couple of projects im doing ill write an xml guild to what each xml does and what to change to add buttons etc, it needs doing so people can customise the buttons to there tastes

? inside mod dont know what that means

i can add cd stuff easy as kotix has left his stuff open and is great to deal with Smile

id like to release pm3 mod uncompressed with packing to texture.xpr file in folder so people can do it themselves is there legal issues with this?
i like some of the mods you have made to the skin. i have incorporated some of them.

on the pm3 xbox logo... it looks very nice, gives the home screen a polished look.

i've yet to see any menu button panel that really looks great with the home screen. the bottom button is always too small to accomidate a long button name. i was thinking of a shape that would look nice and still conform to the style of the screen. maybe having it actually "complete" the entire shape but only have the section in the middle be the actual buttons... the rest can fade away. that would look cool. here's an idea of the general shape where the buttons would be. also, instead of the "led" like lights how about adding a glow to the button itself like choke does with the cancel button and some of the other regular buttons? i use a button scroller so only the middle button on my menu panel is used. i think this is a much cleaner interface then having static buttons and having them all over the screen.

let me know what you think...

I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
tried to make glow to buttons but only aloud 256 colors and looks a bit naff, ill try again im relaying out buttons and home page soon. a total revamp of button layout is in order
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