[WINDOWS] My E350 build
I use the XBMC since XBOX1 and I build my first HTPC in August 2011.
Now that i read the thread "Why not a E350 AMD?" yesterday, I thought it would be the right time to show my build to the world.
The prerequests were:
- Run 1080p
- As small as possible

Case: LC-Power LC 1320mi http://www.lc-power.de/index.php?id=122&L=1
This Case is simply awesome: it's tiny, it can handle Slim drive and it delivers with a PICO PSU! Price: ~40Euro's @ amazon.de

MOBO: ASUS E35M1-I DELUXE -> Price ~ 140Euro's at german retailers
Why this expensive board: It runs fanless and it has wlan. I used wlan to stream some media (1080p runs fine) until i got my Lan cables ready in the living room. It fits perfectly in the mentioned Case.

HDD: some random SSD for about 100 Euro's - nothing fancy here

optical Drive: SLIM DVD drive -> 30Euro's - nothing special again (I'm going to upgrade to bluray soon)

RAM: 4gig of random RAM -> 20Euro's

I alos got an ELIVE Wireless keyboard for about 50 Euro's, to control my XBMC.
That makes a total of 380 Euro's.

For me there is no need to store anything in the living room since there is another E350 NAS in my LAN to store my data.
It can perfectly stream 1080p. It's very silent since i run no FANs in my configuration. This configuration is still working fine, as it's not getting too hot!

Pictures of the inner life of my case can be found here:


I hope my build helps other ppl to get a PC into their living room.


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[WINDOWS] My E350 build0
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