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Beginner needs help ;P
How can I get "banner-wall" or "banner-plex" etc as a viewing option when Im using a custom shortcut to my TV-shows instead of the normal link? Cause when I press the TV-show button (library mode) there are some shows that doesnt come up.
So I've made a custom shortcut to my TV folder and now every show shows up. Why is that? I have named them correctly and they are in the correct folder setup. May it have something to do with the scraper?

I get the same problem with viewing options with my movies. If I use the normal movies-button it will show all my media files (documentaries, standup etc) Id like it to just show my movies so I made another custom shortcut to my movies, but there I dont get options like "big fan", "carousell" and option to search the files.

Beginner needs help ;P00