ATV1 harmony remote setup
I have done search but is unable to find a solution to my problem.

I have both ATV1 and ATV2. Both are using its own harmony remote(same model) with the same settings (they are in different rooms).

ATV2 JB and installed XBMC per wiki and running nightlys.
ATV1 is crysbuntu with crystal HD card

without any config, the default behavior:

with ATV2, in full screen, the page up and page down does the 10 min skip by default. In other screens, they work as page up and page down properly.

with ATV1, in full screen, page up brings up OSD and page down does nothing. In other screens, neither does anything.

I just want the default behavior of ATV1 just like ATV2 with the same harmony remote.

The joystick.AppleRemote.xml for both looks the same. I am unclear why the behavior differs

Please direct me the proper search terms to find possible solution to this.


happy holidays.
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