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New Setup - WHS 2011 and XBMC on Win7

I'll start a new try to watch live TV on my media center. I'm running XBMC for 2 years now and now I want to try to watch live TV in the following setup:

o) WHS 2011 with a CineS2 V6 installed to stream LiveTV to my Clients.
o) WIN7 with XBMC to get the LiveTV stream and watch it.

I'm using XBMC Eden beta and the moment.

What is the best solution at the Moment? MePo + margos Plugin? ForTheRecord + plugin? Or is the best way to switch from xbmc to MePo Server and MePo Client?

thanks for your help
I think TMP is the most robust backend currently. I'm using it with a combination of clients, Win7 and OpenELEC and it works well.

TMP client is pretty fast for LiveTV, more so than the XBMC clients, but I prefer everything in one spot. I'll stick with XBMC for a while...

New Setup - WHS 2011 and XBMC on Win700