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wifi connection to xmbc and streaming to phone
is it possible to connect to xmbc set up on my own pc over wifi connection from a different location and then stream music/video to play on my galaxy s2?
Can you play media from XBMC on your mobile?

Is it possible to connect to XBMC that's installed at your home from say your work place using Wi-Fi?

no? HuhHuh

is there any other way of doing this?
Actually there is no xbmc-Android-app available to play the content of your xbmc-machine directly on your Android-device.

What IS possible is to enable the UPNP-service inside xbmc and install something like UPnPlay from the market on your device, so with that you can - limited to the abilities of your device - stream xbmc's content inside your INTRAnet!

If by
Quote:connect to XBMC that's installed at your home from say your work place using Wi-Fi
you should REALLY mean to stream your content unsing an INTERNET-connection: I would suggest a very fast (!!!) upload speed of your home-connection as well as a truly save setup of your home-LAN...Big Grin
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Install JRiver with gizmo app

(sorry xbmc)

Feature Request !
cool thx ill have a look.

is there a plan to integrate this feature into the xmbc android app?
I would also love a feature like that on the remote. Current UPNP streamer/downloaders aren't exactly user friendly and end up working not working correctly most of the time on my phone.
Another awesome feature imho would be that the remote automatically downloads unwatched episodes (and subtitles) to the phone (with an option to select if all unwatched episodes are to be send, or only those of a particular show, a particular season, or only say the next 3 unwatched episodes). The same could be done with movies.

wifi connection to xmbc and streaming to phone00