[RELEASE] plugin for easy access to HDHomerun live TV streams
This is a very simple video plugin for XBMC that allows easy access to live TV streams provided by any HDHomerun box connected to the local network. Uses the built-in hdhomerun:// protocol support to actually display the video.

I thought I had left an announcement months ago for this plugin that I made for personal consumption but it seems I didn't. So here it is:


It's probably not much use for those people that are already on Eden, I still have to find some time to upgrade my box and when that is done I'll take a look at upgrading to plugin to the new APIs.

As it states in the README this plugin is only tested on Linux and needs a library to work which means it won't ever be accepted as an official plugin.

This is relevant to my interests...

But your google code page has no downloads listed.

Where can I um, get it?
hey, I just read about HDHomeRun devices being supported by XBMC natively so what's the advantage of this over http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=117566 ?
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thestig Wrote:Where can I um, get it?

Theoretically you should ba able to add http://xbmc-hdhomerun-plugin.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ as a repository and install the plugin from within XBMC.

But I added a downloadable zip to the project as well.
many thanks! going to try it out now - just added the HDHR3 to my network today
macf1an Wrote:so what's the advantage?

Not much I guess. The only thing that my plugin allows you to do is to scan for channels from within XBMC. So *if* you run XBMC on Linux and by some miracle it happens to work for you there is nothing else to do than install, scan and watch TV.

Other ways include making .strm files somehow and getting them (and possibly icons) on your box somehow. Which includes a number of manual steps but the end result is probably nicer looking.

I wanted something that could do everything automatically. But because it includes a binary component it will never be allowed as an official plugin anyway so I'm not sure that spending more time on it to make it nicer is really worth it. (But that might change if there is actual interest from the community)
Ordered one today. Will report next week.

I'm interested in it. Is it still live or has coding for it stopped?
It's live in the way that it has been updated to work for the latest XBMC version, but nothing more. But I'm not using the hdhomerun device anymore (switched to fiber optic cable TV) so I've not done more work on it. It's pretty easy though to make changes for anyone that knows a bit of programming because all the hard work has been done already. So if someone wants to take it over...
hey. I used this to find hidden muxes and frequencies that were hard to find otherwise. Thanks!

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[RELEASE] plugin for easy access to HDHomerun live TV streams0
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