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[MAC]SMB settings using External HDD
Hiya guys,
I'm new to all this and have jailbroken my Apple TV 2 and am running XBMC.

Im trying to share my media that is stored on an external HDD that is plugged into my MacBook Pro using USB. From what i have read SMB sharing is the way to go but i cannot get it to connect to the HDD for the life of me, any help would be greatlyyyyyyy appreciated !

I read somewhere that i can connect to my to the media on the HDD when the mac is closed and i just 'lightly' powers on the mac so i can access it, is this true?

Hope you guys can help
rory Smile
What version of Mac OS X are you using?
Im using Mac OSX Lion 10.7.2 Smile hope this helps

anyone? Sad
Set Up
Raspberry Pi running Raspbmc - XBMC 12.2
40" Samsung ES6800 LED Smart 3D 1080P TV
Onkyo HTS3405 5.1 DD True HD and DTS-HD Surround Sound
ReadyNAS Duo with 4TB (2 x 2TB X-RAID) Western Digital Caviar Green using NFS
SMB sharing from a Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) computer doesn't work right now in XBMC. You can try AFP, but I think it has issues with external drives. The easiest thing would be to download MediaMaster Server from the Mac App Store (free), set that up, then in XBMC go to add video/source, new network location, select WebDAV, and enter the information (IP, port number, username/password, should be all you need). Hit okay, find the new entry and hit okay again, and that should add it.

[MAC]SMB settings using External HDD00