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RIP :(

Seriously can't believe it.
so long icefilms
pretty much, 99% of the links on there are from megaupload!

and the people who bought accounts from megaupload are shit out of luck too.
I use icefilms 100% for tv shows that I cant watch here in germany.
Is their an alternativeHuh
oh damn it, i just got this up and running.
Zeee1 Wrote:Is their an alternativeHuh

The only thing left really is navi x but it just doesnt cut the bill.
I agree jimmymcmahon. It's time for Navi-X to step up their game.
#11 Now what do we do?
do navi -x not use megaupload ?
Flashsport streams use Slingbox and Skygo so they should be ok

We're discussing alternatives and enabling 2Shared links
r1lee Wrote:oh damn it, i just got this up and running.

Yeah same here, I just heard about this last week now it's gone just like that.

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