Help installing Eden beta 3 live
I am having trouble installing and setting up XBMCbuntu Eden Beta 3 iso.
First of all, as you guessed, I am new to XBMC but totally love it and it has made me want to get all of my movies onto my PC and be able to stream them in the whole house. So, after I installed eden 2 on my main PC, I decided to build an HTPC with my old parts (Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H and AMD Penom II x2 and a 60 Gig WD HD)

First I tried OpenELEC from a USB and had all kinds of trouble booting from the Memory Stick. After I got it installed and set up a source on my main PC to share the movies I had ripped, I didn't have sound, AHHHH! I finally got that working though, with these setting in system:
Audio Output - HDMI
Output Device -HDA ATI HDMI hdmi
Passthrough Device - iec958
All was good until a few days ago my HTPC would no longer boot, I kept getting a INIT_4 error saying it could not find my storage drive...

So, I thought I would give EDEN 3 a try.

However, maybe I missed something somewhere but wow, it kept booting to live cd and I could not figure out how to get it installed on HD until I found this thread. (why should this have taken two hours to figure out?)

The_Ross_ Wrote:i had the same issue trying to find the install prompt. However, at booting up screen i was getting the ubuntu wireless keyboard screen (purple background with a little keyboard and i think a little person) at this screen i pressed enter on the keyboard, it prompts you for a language and then gives you the option to test xbmc or install. So that is how you access the install options menu.

After installed (which was a breeze after that trick) I set up my network share and located my movies but guess what? No sound again over HDMI. However, in this version there are a lot more options in the audio Output Device and Passthrough Device and none of them seem to work.

I guess my questions are:
What are the options in Audio Output Device? Are they Drivers from my Motherboard? How do I find out which one is the right one for HDMI straight to a TV, without any other audio equipment? Should I check the DTS or Dolby Digital? If I do and my TV does not support it, will that make a difference if it's checked?

What are the options in Audio Passthrough Device? Should they be set to the same thing as the Output Device or is should they be set to what my TV needs?

I'm assuming I will need to learn about the alsamixer and running codes in linux, but once again, I just getting overwhelmed by the complexity of trying to set this up. Is there an XBMC trouble shooting guide and a list of codes or hot keys for XBMC? For instance, I saw somewhere but now I can't find it, a hot key to switch out of XBMC to a terminal window to figure out what audio devices you had.

Lastly, and maybe this is the easiest to answer, what is the difference between Movies and Videos in XBMC? How do I get my movies to show up as movies and not just as videos?

Oh, and I gotta do all this when my wife is away. It drives her crazy when I'm messing with the computer and she doesn't see why I would want an HTPC anyway. I really wanted this to be a slick oiled machine, that when she saw it it, it would blow her away, but all this trouble is making me wonder if that will happen. Never mind the fact that I haven't even tried to get hulu or other things set up. It looks like that's a whole other headache...

I hope this is too much to ask. Thanks.
So, hours later, without any idea what to do, I tried getting to the terminal and typing aplay -1. That didn't work. It said to try aplay --help. I couldn't figure what it wanted me to do so I typed alsamixer and got to a graphical screen showing different volumn levels for different output devices.

I made sure all were un-muted with m and checked the devices with I think F5? It showed two digital audio playback devices: one at 0,1 and another at 1,3

I went back to xmbc and in Audio Output selected custom for both output and passthrough entering "hw:1,3'

Sound works just fine right now!!!
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