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Release Boxee Inspirat Skin
Boxee inpsired Skin for XBMC

Update May 2013:Installation for 12.2 Frodo. (With working Video Feed).

1. Install Youtube via Addon Menu.

2. Download Dependencies and manually extract to:
This is Pieh's RSS stuff. I have been unable to automatically Install it, therefore this dependencies ZIP.

3. Re-Download Boxee Inspirat and manually extract to:

4. Set Skin to Boxee Inspirat via Settings Menu.

Make sure to Re-download Boxee Inspirat in Step 3 as I have updated the file.


Home Video Feed
By default you'll get content from the following Youtube channels:

- Associated Press
- Al Jazeera (English)
- CurrentTV
- Russia Today (English)
- Tek Syndicate
- HBO Vice
- Whitehouse
- Real Time with Bill Maher
- Discovery
- The Onion
- National Geographic
- Animal Planet
- The Verge
- TED Talks
- TED-Ed
- SpaceRip
- FashionTV
- Clever Movies
- Movie Trailers
- ThinkBig
- Townsquare

These are based on my personal preferences but can of course be customized by entering a Feed URL under XBMC Settings - Skin. The simplest way is to enter something like:
These feeds are however limited to ~15 entries and do not provide high-res thumbnails.

A better way to customize your feed is to go to http://pipes.yahoo.com, sign in and clone the default feed: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_...9f58fb12fd

Once cloned, you can edit it to your needs. Note that the Pipe structure looks more complex then it is. On top you'll see the feeds being fetched, each connected to a Regex which appends the Provider/Channel to the Title. Afterwards each feed is truncated individually. This is to avoid that Channels which update often (Like CNN, AP...) take over the whole feed, leaving no room for Channels that don't Update often (like Real-Time, The Onion...).
The feeds are then joined/union and all operators underneath should remain intact as they are needed to display the high-res thumbnail and make the entries playable in XBMC.

PS: Skinners who wish to copy the Video-Feed functionality: See first 3 lines in home.xml and further down the section <!--RSS Video Feed-->.

Recommended setup if you have a Boxee Remote
Download: http://www.flytampa.org/junk/Boxee_Remote.zip

Copy the 2 XML files to: /userdata/keymaps/

- The Remote's Play button will become the Context Menu.
- Menu/Back button will be ParentDir instead of ParentMenu.
- Up/Down will control Volume during Playback.
- Pressing Menu/Back on Homescreen will bring up favorites dialog.

Other remote recommendations:

- Under XBMC Settings - System - Input Devices, check "Remote sends Keyboard presses".
- Under XBMC Settings - Video - File Lists, set Default action to "Show Information".

There are some missing features and bugs, however I do not have the time to further maintain and support this skin. For a list of known issues, see changelog.txt. If someone wishes to continue working on this, placing it in a repo etc., please feel free to do so. If PSD files are required contact me.

Navi-X Skin
Download: http://www.flytampa.org/junk/NaviX_skin....spirat.zip
Matching skin for Navi-X with Slideout Menu, List & Thumb views. Uses your global Background setting (Image, Multi-Image, Video in background) as well as Now playing on top right. Some Dialogs (like browse/rate) still need work, for some reason images get stretched there (?)
Installation: Copy the content of this ZIP to /user/appdata/roaming/XMBC/addons/Navi-X/resources/skins.
You should end up with 2 folders there, Default & skin.boxee.inspirat. Tested with latest Navi-X 3.7.4


HomeScreen with CNN video playing in background

HomeScreen while playing music with Milkdrop Visualization in background

Video OSD with Scrolling Info Overlay

Support of XBMC-Subs

Videos in Thumbnail View with active Slideout Menu

Addons in Thumbnail View
List View with Spectrum Visualization in background

HomeScreen with Favourites PopUp

Movies in Poster View

Settings Screen

Shutdown Dialog
only 1.7 MB Big Grin nice.
Donate: https://kodi.tv/contribute/donate (foundation), 146Gr48FqHM7TPB9q33HHv6uWpgQqdz1yk (BTC personal)
Estuary: Kodis new default skin - ExtendedInfo Script - KodiDevKit
do I need a special version of XBMC to use this skin?

Im trying to install from ZIP, but when I select the zip file, nothing happens

could you help me?

gholias Wrote:do I need a special version of XBMC to use this skin?

Im trying to install from ZIP, but when I select the zip file, nothing happens

could you help me?


Yeah, something broke on the latest packaging... I'm checking it, hold on.
Fantastic work

My new default skin i think it would be great for the RPI
I re-uploaded the ZIP, see original post & link on top of page.

I reinstalled XMBC multiple timesto test. It works in Eden_Beta_3. And for it to work properly, you need to install the XMBC passion Repo first:


This is will allow the skin to download some dependencies during install.

In Eden_RC1 (released yesterday) it does not seem to work. I may look into that later, but for now its only for Eden_Beta_3.
Ah! Actually happy to hear that the homescreen feed doesn't work in RC1 -- was pulling my hair out trying to get that to work.

Hey- big thanks for uploading this. It's a beautiful XBMC rendition of what was, at one time, a beautiful Boxee UI. I'm already tweaking it.

It is missing a ton of the bells and whistles that mark most current XBMC skins. I mention this because I consider this praise. It's simple, media-centric, wifey-test appropriate, etc. Frankly, it (at least pre-RC1) has the only bell/whistle out there that I think might be worth having: a spin on Boxee's clever recommended content piece on the homescreen.

Regardless, this is an excellent skin in its current condition, and I really hope one of the skinners in the community decides to grab this and run with it. Cheers.
I think Newbra should keep working on it has already done a fantastic jobNod
ginsengbomb Wrote:Ah! Actually happy to hear that the homescreen feed doesn't work in RC1 -- was pulling my hair out trying to get that to work..

I haven't looked into the reason yet, but it could be that the RSS Client Addon stopped working in RC1, in which case the skin can't make sure of it. The RSS Addon is from "Pieh", who joined the main XBMC team I understand.

A Video Feed on the Homescreen was the main reason I liked Boxee. And while Boxee by default displays "their" recommended stuff, one could always edit their home.xml and change some code with the very same Yahoo Pipe I'm using here. So this particular feed is what I have been using in Boxee for over a year Smile

The good news is that is very easy to copy (if we can get it to work post-Eden-B3). One could for example add it in another XBMC skin by simply adding a Home Menu entry that on click or hover displays the feed in the area normally used for "recently added". Personally I much prefer a feed I can customize then navigating though a individual addons where some contents works and some doesn't. Hard to explain to wife why something doesn't work, and gets turned off the whole experience if every 4th click results in a fail.

Yeah this is limited to youtube, but at least youtube always works and is probably the quickest thing to get fixed once it stops working.
Pieh's RSS Client still works in Eden RC1. I just entered the Yahoo Pipe url into the default: /userdata/RssFeed.xml


Then ran the RSS Client directly in Confluence/Programs/ and the feed items show up with thumbs and videos can be played.

I guess that means it should be possible to patch the skin to work in RC1... Unless it is no longer parsing the feed items as window properties as explained here:
Thank you for this great work.

(btw, I have Eden 2 on ATV2 and it worked perfect)
Very nice work. If I had the time I'd finish for you.
you can't see any text in Navi-X using this skin.
Amin B Wrote:you can't see any text in Navi-X using this skin.

Its in the changelog.txt /todo list.... adding XBMC's needed default font entries.
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