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soem question about the MQ3 skin with Eden RC2

Just updated my HTPC from 10.1 with the MQ2 skin, to v11 RC2 with the MQ3 skin. I did a total fresh install of windows 7 and also rebuild my directory structure of my collection of DVDs and Blurays.

A couple of things I cant get to work with the MQ3 skin:

1. None of my series gets scraped. I have a lot of series on DVD, each DVD contains 3-4 episodes. I used the specific code for scraping within video_ts files from:
in my advancedsettings.xml
But I cant get the series information (covers/fanart/episodes etc.) get into the TVshows section of the menu, or a new menu item called Series which points to a directory on my NAS/HTPC

2. I cant get more then 5 submenu items when adding a new menu item (favorite1). I'm using the MQ3 skin in Super-mode, but I cant get more then 5 submenus. In MQ2 there was a New Item submenu, this isnt in MQ3 anymore?

3. When going to the movies menu, and select a DVD. The files which are on that DVD are displayed, not the screen with the plot and the play/resume/etc. choice options. Am I missing an option somewhere?
Im using the multiplex view.

Maybe someone overhere can help me out with above questions?
Nobody any clue how to solve some of the above?

When selecting the normal/pro/super mode of MQ3 it is even stated that 20 submenu's are supported. But when looking at for instant menu item Favorite1, it has only 5 submenu's shown. How to add more submenu's there?

Also a reset of the skin didn't help.

soem question about the MQ3 skin with Eden RC200