"Laugh Pack" function?
I'm not sure if this is the right forum, or if it's been done already (I did search for the last ~10 minutes with no luck). But anyways, here's my suggestion:

Basically, everybody's probably got multiple seasons of their favorite sitcoms on XBMC, which they've seen countless times. The one thing that gets myself and my roommates to go back to cable, is that we can just turn on the sitcom channel and watch random episodes of random sitcoms all afternoon. The problem is that they usually throw some shows in that we don't like (which, coincidentally, we don't have on our xbmc library).

So how about a play mode where we can select what shows are included in the library (or even specific episodes), and then XBMC will just play from that selection in shuffle. It'll be like the "Laugh Pack" on my local cable, where they just play repeats of Seinfeld, 70s Show, Friends, etc, only we can choose the shows that are included. It could be sci fi, kids cartoons (great for any parents out there), etc.

I know about the play from here function, and I'm on programmer but I imagine to add a "shuffle within this folder" wouldn't be entirely impossible, but for the best experience, it's got to be able to change between specific tv shows as specified by the user. I like family guy, simpsons, and american dad, but I can't handle them more than one or two episodes in a row before switching to the next!

Done? Doable? Anything?

Here's a program you can install that can do just that:


It scans through your library and creates channels you can watch
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PseudoTV does just that.

I also have a few smart playlist setup to create custom channels of the shows I want, that limits it to episodes i haven't watched recently.
That looks perfect, on my way to try it out right now! Thanks all,

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