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Screen Depth 24 Bit Needed?
Okay so I took a laptop I had Ubuntu 11.10 installed on and installed XBMCbuntu Eden and now I'm getting an error stating "XBMC cannot run unless the screen color depth is at least 24 bit. Please reconfigure your screen." Whenever I close the popup window it just keeps coming back, there are no desktop elements for me to even get to the Ubuntu System Settings to try to resolve it.

I'm running a ThinkPad T42 with a discrete graphics card and it worked great with Ubuntu 11.10 so I'm confused why I'm getting this error. Any ideas?
It's the startup script in /usr/bin that's running the checks before really launching Xbmc. You could try starting the Xbmc binary from /usr/lib/xbmc directly, to see if it would work. 24 bit should be a normal colour depth though nowadays. Xbmc runs successfully on both laptops I had/have with integrated Intel graphics, at least - a Core 2 Duo T7200 and an i3 380-M.
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Update: Suspect perhaps it would some sort of safe mode from an improper previous shutdown. Restarted and it worked great, haha

thanks for the help though!
Hi, I've got XBC installed on a Raspberry Pi, but despite creating a Xorg.conf file in /etc/X11 with a colour depth of 24 I still get the "XBMC cannot run..... 24bit" error message.

I tried the step listed above abour starting the binary but still get the message.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
I am experiencing the same problem, I have done as well all the things suggested by the other users and still nothing, If I open a video with VLC is stretched and with the refreshing lines visible. However this can be given by the fact that the codec are not adapt for raspberry (or for the movies... I tested only with mp4).

Is there a way to force xbmc to work not only at 24 bit ?

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