Any way to lock watched unwatched toggle?

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Friscovi Offline
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Related to my previous post I'm modding my home.xml so that when we click on Videos the Hide watch toggle so turned off and then when we click on Movies or TV Shows it's turned back on. I've had limited success with the ToggleWatched command but it seem to just throw the radio button and so it easy to get them switch in the 'wrong' position. Is there any way to set the toggle to On and Off? What am I missing?

Thanks again
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hellohello Offline
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Friscovi, did you ever solve this?
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Hitcher Offline
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Add this to your home.xml

PHP Code:

and this to the actual Videos button.

PHP Code:

Then add this to MyVideoNav.xml making sure you use a radiobutton for the actual button id=14.

PHP Code:
<onload condition="Skin.HasSetting(HomeVideos) + SubString(Control.GetLabel(14),*)">SendClick(14)</onload>
onload condition="!Skin.HasSetting(HomeVideos) + !SubString(Control.GetLabel(14),*)">SendClick(14)</onload
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