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Help needed. TV changing input source when playing movies.

I've built an HTPC with the components listed below. I had an issue where the system would blue screen and so removed the HD6850. No more blue screens but after about 20 minutes the TV will start switching input to the next available source. I've disabled all CEC HDMI Control settings on the TV and Amp (does such a setting exist for the PC's HDMI output?) I've also tried removing the Amp from the equation which does allow longer viewing time but the TV's input still keeps switching.

Any ideas appreciated as it's driving me nuts!


HDTV Samsung LA32A450
HDMI cables from eBuyer (I've ordered new from Neet Cables to see if this solves the problem)
Amp Pioneer VSX 421 K

Case CoolerMaster 360
PSU SeaSonic 520W 80+ Bronze Active
MoBo Intel DZ68DB
CPU Intel i7 2600K
GPU ASUS AMD HD6850 (removed, now using HD3000 on CPU)

Help needed. TV changing input source when playing movies.00