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Windows - NPVR addon for XBMC?
Hi there and 1st post Rofl

Ok i am using NPVR as my live tv/pvr and XBMC for everything else (love them addons) but i wonder: are there plans to
integrated NPVR into XBMC?
Old thread... but I have the same setup. I don't think there are any plans to integrate NPVR which is a shame imo. One of the best things about NPVR is its back end. It's extremely robust and never misses a recording. Easy to setup too. Seems some of the other pvr options that are being pursued aren't as friendly or reliable. I know, get off my arse and do it myself.... Wink
i use to use gbpvr for years (wrote many a plugin for it). its great software, but if you just want a backend for xbmc, i would recommend fortherecord. just as reliable, easy to setup, pretty much same features (backend wise).

only reason i can see for someone wanting npvr over 4tr is to support popcorn hours or the other clients npvr supports. unless im missing something.

mediaportal is another good backend choice, but i personally found 4tr easy to setup and maintain.

NPVR addon for XBMC?00