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EPG Data
Has any one here on uk freesat managed to get epg data for

Pop Girl
Or would know how to get it? It does not appear to be in the inbuil xmltv for UK
Not the answer you'd like, but I've just been floundering around with this as well... and have come to the conclusion that I'm stumped.

The issue seems to be:

1. For EIT (broadcast) EPG, you only get now/next for these channels

2. For Radio Times (XML) EPG, these channels (Kix!, at least) are missing... check this link and they're conspicuous by their absence.

I need to monitor this over a couple of days and a few reboots to see if it's always there or just a recent thing (I've not used this box for some time). Unfortunately, I've got enough other issues with tvheadend/XBMC/EPGs/channel names/etc. for the moment, so any inability to stream Power Rangers for the kids might have to wait...!
Using this as a bit of a notepad because it always helps others once Google's indexed this page.

This is what I'm trying: I'm going to switch on XMLTV but merge several sources to nail together a complete picture. I'm also going to add a new XLMTV source that hopefully does know about these channels. Sooooo....

1. Found and installed a Sky EPG grabber from

2. Created a file /usr/bin/tv_grab_uk_sky and just pasted the grabber code in (hey, it was quick...!)

3. Make it executable with sudo chmod 0755 /usr/bin/tv_grab_uk_sky

==> Didn't work - JSON error ("... Can't locate in @INC").

4. Install required libraries with sudo apt-get install libjson-perl

5. Ran the new grabber with /usr/bin/tv_grab_uk_sky --configure - it appears to work, but tvheadend can't see it. It must get an "index" of grabbers from somewhere...

6. Ran /usr/bin/tv_find_grabbers - no luck, it doesn't appear to see the grabber, just comes back with the same list as tvheadend had

==> Quick bit of debugging, seems the new file has a blank description, so edited it to correct

Line 84 - changed

description => "",


description => "United Kingdom/Republic of Ireland (Sky EPG)",

7. Ran /usr/bin/tv_find_grabbers again - success this time, it adds the new grabber to the list

8. Ran /usr/bin/tv_grab_combiner --configure to select all channels from Freeview (Radio Times grabber), Freesat (Radio Times) and Sky (the new grabber)

9. Switched on XMLTV in tvheadend (Configuration -> XMLTV -> combine information from several other grabbers)

11. Sit back and see what happens...

I'll let you know!
Update: I now appear to have c. 6 days for Kix! and Popgirl. Job done.
I wrote a grabber very similar to that in php based off another perl script I found, you can find it here:

you'll need to do:

sudo apt-get install php5-cli php5-curl

to use it. But ofc the above Perl script should work fine.
I use Drae method for 1 month ago. WORK PERFECTLY!!

message to say thx again Drae...
Just as a matter of interest (to me and to any other passers-by) - how do you use this? Does it just drop in with the other grabbers, or do you run it independently in some way - and, if so, how does the output merge into everything else?

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