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[MAC OS X] Audio problem

I lose all sound when switching from one monitor output to another. My home theatre has both a projector and a monitor installed. They are connected to the two hdmi outlets of my av receiver (Denon 4308CI) and the receiver outputs its signal to both at the same time. The monitor is there so I can listen to audio without having the buzz of the projector disturb the music in quiet passages. I have set up my Harmony remote in such a way that when I choose the monitor it shuts off the projector. The sound then stops for a brief period and should come on again within a second or two while the receiver switches (that's what used to happen with the Popcorn Hour). Now with the new Mac Mini setup (2012; i5 2.5 Ghz) the sound doesn't come back on again, although I can hear it play on the internal speaker of the mini. Any ideas what is going on and how I can remedy this?

[MAC OS X] Audio problem00