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Zotac Zbox ID82
The more I look at this technology, the more I'm thinking to buy a small thin i3 (beefy) tablet/notebook and use it as a TV remote control via Intels' WiDi, wireless display. Thus, HTPC no longer makes sense.

Edit: December 18, 2012
PS: I just realized that the ID82 is not current model i3. It's 2nd generation i3, and you want 3rd Generation (current) due to Intel's new HD Video 4000 and USB3 support.

(2012-12-17, 04:41)plac Wrote:
(2012-12-16, 23:51)Oxize Wrote: Bought the ID82 this week with an Vertex 3 SSD and Corsair 8 GB DDR3 So-dimm memory. No dropped frames at all at 1080p here. My movies are loaded through my network. The Latest Intel HD3000 video drivers are pretty good. Runs verry stable at this moment on XBMC 12.0 RC1

@Oxize, If you don't mind saying, what did you end up paying for it? I'm seeing a low $330 everywhere; and I've made several offers ($280shipped); but the holidays seem to have them holding the $330. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,.
I lookup on google which shops were the cheapest and on stock. I payed 346 euro for the Zbox, 92 euro for the Vertex 3 and 29 euro for the 8GB Corsair memory. Total was 491 euro which is like 650 dollar. Electronic devices are here in holland alot expensiver then in USA because we have 21% tax and other lame import taxes (even when you bought it in holland)

Zotac didnt release any new gen Intels on the market. Only a few new AMD's, otherwise i would go for that one. At this moment everything runs smoothly (blueray(3d),mkv,dvd,avi,etc)

For anyone looking for intel third generation ultra slim mini-itx systems, have a peek at these, the GIADA systems:

Zotac Zbox ID8241