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Dual screen work around
Ok before I go ahead and mess up a perfectly good skin... My preliminary tests have shown that this might be possible but would like to have the advice of some kind folk who have be doing this a lot longer than the few weeks I have Smile

I would like Dual screen xbmc home screen on the monitor and movie/music visuals on the tv (at the same time like when it is played in the backgound of the home screen but on the tv)
Trying to achieve this by expanding the skin size (to span both monitor and tv) and editing IncludesBackgroundBuilding.xml (and a bit more I guess) so the video container is on the tv and the controlls container is on the touch screen?

Is it going to work or am out of luck?
your going to be out of luck because it would make the video stretch across both as well
Without speaking out of turn and with respect. Angel I tried it anyway in windowed mode expanding it to fill the screen and by editing Includes.xml, Home.xml and IncludesBackgroundBuilding.xml (just halving most of the obvious widths ie 1280 becomes 640 etc) offset posx by 640 and pow Cool



Is there a way to stop full screen ie stay in the home screen?
Is this going to affect performance, seams a little jumpy but I am currently running it off a netbook as I don't have a dual screen video card anywhere else yet.

It is going to be a lot of work to edit all correctly so is there an addon or something that does this by rendering in an external frame or something.

Thanks for any help Smile

There are builds that use external players. I would think it might be easier to get those external players to pop up on the correct monitor.

I like your attitude Wink
(2012-04-18, 05:57)vinistois Wrote: There are builds that use external players. I would think it might be easier to get those external players to pop up on the correct monitor.

will investigate the external players - any recommendationsHuh?
(2012-04-18, 05:57)vinistois Wrote: I like your attitude Wink
Big Grin
I am still trying to get this to work nicely (and having a hard time as you can expect with what i'm doing) Have investigated patch file playing and external players but nothing quite works like this is Sad so down this path I go...

Now for a questions...

I see there are containers for most things (ie <visible>Container.Content(Albums)</visible>) Is there a way of setting that container to be a separate window?

Thanks for any help or advice it is much appreciated Smile
Hi Backspace,

Did you ever get dual screen working well?
I did manage to manipulate it so it did work %90, but found that the lack of music video integration with audio music too much of a hassle.
As the main reason for this was so someone could queue up more songs (video or audio) with out interrupting the current music video. This seams a simple thing that would make xbmc so much more pleasurable experience!

Also starting with posx0 posy0 in windowed mode instead of centered is needed but there seams to be a lack of interest in dual screen support from the team which doesn't help Sad

Dual screen work around00