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Windows - changing tvshow/movie views
ok, so here's my dilema...

i have movies to point to my actual movie folder so that instead of using library mode and having 100 different genre's, i just have the 6 genres, that way my wife and kids can find movies easier. the view is also set to thumbnail, so my 3 year old can pick out the movie via the cover art. however, when i go to tv show, it will list my shows, and when i go into it, it has the episodes as thumbnail. but if i go to tvshow/title it will list the show, then seasons when i click on a show. however, the next time i go into movies, it goes back to list view.

how can i change this so that tv show has one view (library, with list and seasons) and movies has another view (file view with thumbnail view)?

also, is there a way to make thumbnails larger in thumbnail view?

also, is there a way to just add a cursor image? it just shows to disable the mouse, but it still works just fine.
Have you thought about using a media manager application like ember to set the genres on each movie the way you want? It's a bit of a boring job and took me about 30 minutes to set the genre for 300 movies then you can use library view.
i have ember, didn't know you could customize the genres though. but i have over 900 movies lol 3 days worth of work.

but i figured it out. i for some reason used a custom link on tv show to link to the files instead of using the default link. so when i changed it, it changed file view across the board. changed it back to default library view for tv and it works like a charm now.

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