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Linux - Eden Audio Quality
Hi all,

I while ago i was having trouble with the audio quality of my htpc's.
I have 4 htpc's in my house and they *all* had the same issues.
Best described as.. muddy/distorted base sounds, low sound dynamics, sound image is not relaxed. MP3's play horribly.

So i thought that u has blown up my amp or speakers.[/code]

Then i read this thread:

A changed my advanced settings as described in this thread and sound quality is back to what is used to be.


My hardware (4 xbmc htpc's):
4x ubuntu 11.10 32 bit
1x onboard sound MSI, 1x Xonar D1, 2x hdmi though
4x g210, VDPAU enabled, VAAPI enabled

Does anyone experience a sound quality increase when changing the settings in advancedsettings?

I hope this helps anyone. I'm happy with my sound again. XBMC rocks!

Eden Audio Quality00