AppleTV 1 (silver) - Is it possible to remove some of the default add-ons?
I am in the process of setting up my ATV 1 to replace my trusty WD TV Live. The plan is to use it solely for TV & Movies playback and with the limited capability of the ATV 1 in mind I am interested in streamlining the XBMC install to remove all the add-ons I know I'll never use, specifically the music oriented ones.

When I go to the add-ons area to remove them, most have the uninstall option greyed out.

Is there any way to change this?
they are system wide installs, hence the greyed out uninstall.

you can get rid of them by nuking them from (assuming linux on the atv1) /usr/share/xbmc/addons
Yup, Linux install, so that sounds pretty straight forward.

Is there likely to be any knock on effect of just removing them from the file system directly, menus, etc.

Plus I guess the obvious question is, will removing the addons save me memory and cycles?
no savings. except for service add-ons, add-ons are only running when you manually launch them..

no consequences other than the functionality the add-ons provide disappearing.
Thanks for the quick response, I'll have a play and see where I end up.
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Is it possible to remove some of the default add-ons?00