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Linux - Eden VERY slow WiFi...
Just installed XBMCbuntu Eden on my netbook, and all working well except the wifi - which works, but is unbearably slow!

Is installed on a USB stick with boot loader on there. Without USB I'm booting into Win 7. If I run when booted into win7 I get somewhere around 15Mbps down and 500kbps up. If I run the same test from XBMCbuntu I get something like 1-200kbps down and 500kbps up.

I've done some searching through the Ubuntu forums and tried some of the options there with regards to disabling wireless N but with no luck. My guess is that it's a driver issue - atheron wireless in the netbook I think.

Any thoughts on getting this sorted?


download the ubuntu desktop cd and check if it is the same. xbmcbuntu is ubuntu 11.10 try that first. If a problem test the 12.04.
Thanks vikjon0. Have tried both livecd's and appears to be the same for both. I have had Ubuntu on this Netbook before - 10.04 I think - and don't recall noticing any issues with the wifi then...

What do you reckon? Head over to the Ubuntu forums for more generalist advice? Or is there anything more I can try?

Cheers for your help, much appreciated.

Quote:What do you reckon? Head over to the Ubuntu forums for more generalist advice?
Yes, that is why it is a good idea to check if it is a general ubuntu problem.

Quote:Or is there anything more I can try?
Why not download the 10.04 desktop cd and find out? If it works it is perhaps possible to google a fix or why not stay on 10.04? Stay on 10.04 maybe the easist soltion if you do not care too much about being in the latest. There is a guide on upgradeing xbmc live to Eden.

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