Crunchyroll-Takeout: Request for Localizaion
Hi all,
I am requesting help translating the plugin I am maintaining.
Current Languages:
English and Norwegian
Your help and support is greatly appreciated.
Please see strings attached

<summary lang="en">Watch videos from!</summary>
<description lang="en">Crunchyroll is an online video service and community that offers full-length episodes and movies of the very best in Japanese anime and Asian entertainment.  Forked from the Crunchyroll Plugin by maruchan </description>
<disclaimer lang="en">WARNING: This fork is best for Premium Members.  If you're not a member, it is suggested you use CrunchyrollMP4 instead.</disclaimer>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <!-- Crunchyroll Login Info -->
    <string id="20002">Username</string>
    <string id="20003">Password</string>
    <!-- Video Quality Selector -->
    <string id="30001">Video quality:</string>
    <string id="30002">360p (SD)</string>
    <string id="30003">480p</string>
    <string id="30004">720p (HD)</string>
    <string id="30008">1080p (HD)</string>
    <string id="30005">Ask</string>
    <string id="30006">Highest available quality</string>
    <!-- Image Quality Selector -->
    <string id="40001">Thumbnail quality:</string>
    <string id="40002">Low</string>
    <string id="40003">Medium</string>
    <string id="40004">High</string>
    <!-- Interface Strings -->
    <string id="50000">Anime</string>
    <string id="50001">All Anime</string>
    <string id="50002">Recently Added</string>
    <string id="50003">Most Popular</string>
    <string id="50004">Drama</string>
    <string id="50005">Queue</string>
    <string id="50006">Simulcasts</string>
    <string id="50007">Browse by Genre</string>
    <string id="50008">All Drama</string>
    <!-- Genra Strings -->
    <string id="60001">Action</string>
    <string id="60002">Adventure</string>
    <string id="60003">Comedy</string>
    <string id="60004">Drama</string>
    <string id="60005">Ecchi</string>
    <string id="60006">Fantasy</string>
    <string id="60007">Harem</string>
    <string id="60008">Horror</string>
    <string id="60009">Magic</string>
    <string id="60010">Martial Arts</string>
    <string id="60011">Mecha</string>
    <string id="60012">Military</string>
    <string id="60013">Parody</string>
    <string id="60014">Psychological</string>
    <string id="60015">Romance</string>
    <string id="60016">Science Fiction</string>
    <string id="60017">Shoujo</string>
    <string id="60018">Slice of Life</string>
    <string id="60019">Space</string>
    <string id="60020">Sports</string>
    <string id="60021">Supernatural</string>
    <string id="60022">Tournament</string>
    <string id="60023">Chinese</string>
    <string id="60024">Japanese</string>
    <string id="60025">Korean</string>
    <string id="60006">Crime</string>
    <string id="60007">Family</string>
    <string id="60008">Food</string>
    <string id="60009">Historical</string>
    <string id="60010">Thriller</string>
    <!-- Scraper Strings -->
    <string id="70000">Notice</string>
    <string id="70001">Due to licensing restrictions, this series has been removed.</string>
    <string id="70002">Attempting to log-in with your user account</string>
    <string id="70003">No user account found</string>
    <string id="70004">Pulling Show Data</string>
    <string id="70005">Downloading your Queue</string>
    <!-- Player Settings -->
    <string id="80001">Video restricted</string>
    <string id="80002">Video not available to your user account</string>
    <string id="80003">Mature Content</string>
    <string id="80004">Please login to view this video</string>

Thank you
XBMC user since before that Music db hack.
Now with his 2nd DMCA Takedown
Hi ! Let me help you with this. Soon we'll make an announcement that xbmc moves all translations to where translation teams will be working online on the various core and addon language files.

So I'll pick up your addon there.

Thanks, cheers Attila
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Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
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Good to know,
XBMC user since before that Music db hack.
Now with his 2nd DMCA Takedown

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