Looking to create an addon with youtube links
I hope im posting this in the right place. I have been creating a spreadsheet of legal live full length concert videos that are on youtube Google spreadsheet

What I want to do next is create a plugin/addon that has all of these listed. What would be the simplest way to do this? I have made plugins for boxee before which was pretty straigh forward but havent made anything for xbmc. What i want is main folders with the band and sub folders to include the links

Heres my structure vision:

Band Folder
Date of show folder
Youtube links( I need the links to be text and not the full youtube link i.e. Set 1)

Can someone give me a push in the right direction? I want it to be easily updateable so i was thinking maybe setting up a website that gets scraped by an addon? Not really sure where to start Smile

Thanks in advance for any help!
Look at existing addons.
To play youtube links, you can use the existing youtube add-on.

I'd recommend you looking at the plugin.video.khanacademy add-on.
1. It uses script.module.xbmcswift which makes it quite easy to create a new add-on.
2. It uses the plugin.video.youtube for youtube video
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Another option is to use Livestreams or Navi-x plugin and just put all the links in an online xml file (e.g. on code.google.com) which you can maintain. Each entry would look like:

<title>show name</title>

livestreams supports separating each item into channels/subchannels with categories

also if you later find concert videos on other websites like justin/veetle/freedocast, you can add them the same way
Thanks for the push guys! I have been playing around with an xml in livestreams and will look at the khanacademy plugin
thanks again!
I was looking for an answer for same issue for long time... would like to create an xml file for livestreams add-on containing youtube links, in my case I am looking into youtube live links.

I did try pakee's suggestion (Many Thanks):

<title>show name</title>

but for some reason it is just not working for me. could be an issue in determining the videoid part, or I am just missing something, here is an example of a link I am looking for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPoIG7O8EEQ

I used VPoIG7O8EEQ as my videoid did not work, I also tried other methods with full link, embeded link and shared link. none worked. I have other links in livestreams and they work fine; just the youtube link does not. I also have the youtube add-on which runs the link fine.

I am using xbmcbuntu eden and I also tried on xbmc windows7...

Any ideas?
You may need a more recent version of LiveStreams add-on. The latest is 1.0.4 -> http://divingmules-repo.googlecode.com/f...-1.0.4.zip
Fantastic.... The recent version of lifestreams resolved my issue and made youtube links works perfectly. Many Thanks divingmule; you made my day Smile
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