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Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone could provide some details and settings on how to setup the artist slideshow on music playback. I am using windows 7 with the Aeon MQ3. I am a new user and loving both xbmc as well as the skin!

I have gone through about 50 different threads on this forum and have been finding some conflicting information, probably because of different skins as well as xbmc versions. I have also checked out I have all my music very well tagged with both mp3 id3v1 as well as id3v2.4. xbmc reads all the tags correctly and shows up the correct titles, album, and artist information.

I am trying to get it so that once i start playing a song, the artist fanart will show up in the background and will switch through all the different ones I have ONLY for that artist. Once the song switches to the next artist it should then use that artist's fanart only. I can get it to work if the song is playing and I hit tab, but I can not get it to work correctly at the home screen at the main menu.

I have my music setup as:

music\artist\album\## - track.mp3

As far as I can gather, it seems that I should be including some additional images and folders to each artist/album. In the album folder it looks like I need to keep a copy of the album artwork called folder.jpg. A level up in the artist folder, it looks like I should have fanart.jpg if I want a big fanart background. folder.jpg and artist.jpg for the artist thumbnail. logo.png for a clear logo, and then possibly additional folders called ArtistFanart, ArtistThumbs, and extrafanart within each artist folder. It also appears that I can include an artist.nfo for additional information. As well as including in the album folder a cdart.png for the cd art spinning image, folder.jpg for the cover artwork, and album.nfo for additional album information.

I then get a bit confused as there seems to be a lot of different addons that the forums, users, or skins recommend. Such as Artist Slideshow, Artwork Downloader, Artwork Organizer, and CDArt manager. Some of which then seem to want to keep a copy of the files in their own folders outside of the music library.

Also I am hoping I can keep everything within the music library folder structure and have match the images based on where the files are located. I noticed some forum posts talk about having the artist name in the id3 tags and an artist folder be exactly the same. This seemed to be mainly in older posts. The problem with this on windows systems is that the id3 tags are all stored in utf-8 where as ntfs uses its own charset, iso8859-1. That along with a number of restrictions on what characters can be used in a filename often create artist names that might not fully match the id3 tag. For example, "Weird Al" Yangovic, would be Weird Al Yangovic. As well as a lot of the non English alphabet characters get either converted over to other characters or dropped.

I am wondering if anyone could guide me through the best way to setup aeon mq3 to use the now playing artist artwork for the currently playing artist on the home menu. I seem to be stuck where I can set a fall back folder and it will use what ever is in there regardless of if it matches the artist or not. Or if I dont set it, then its just a black background with all the other info showing. Also there are a bunch of user thumbnails that aeon mq3 flips through like polaroids that I can not seem to load matching artist artwork.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for such a long post.
I uninstalled xbmc. Deleted everything from my userdata folder, deleted my programs(x86) \xbmc folder and deleted the back up folders. I then reinstalled xbmc. This time I did not set a fall back folder, and it seems to work correctly.
(2012-05-08, 09:39)hiphutch Wrote: I uninstalled xbmc. Deleted everything from my userdata folder, deleted my programs(x86) \xbmc folder and deleted the back up folders. I then reinstalled xbmc. This time I did not set a fall back folder, and it seems to work correctly.

Hi Hip
I am facing the same issue as you are... Before I go down the path of uninstall/install, I am not sure if I have all the required add-ons for the fanart scraping etc. Can you let me know which addons you have installed and any particular settings you have?

I use MediaMonkey to manage my music tags/album art etc and is more-or less similar to what you have. I have an additional
directory structure to separate my collections, like below. My album art is embedded in the Tags.


Would greatly appreciate it if you can share your settings for Aeon MQ3 skin.

Thanks in advance.
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