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XBMC's PVR Calling - MS Drops the WMC ball!
So the latest dev blog post for Windows 8 clarify things a little more with regards to DVD and Windows Media Center functionality. Not only will windows now not have DVD playback for the main editions, but Media Center will be an optional (chargeable) extra... which is pretty much a direct copy of what we currently get in Windows 7.

You guys are about to get a lot more fans after the PVR solutions if you can get it nailed Smile I cant wait! Big Grin
I can understand the DVD decision.

It costs money to license and the way people are consuming media is changing.

I haven't touched physical disks for 3 years now Wink
Yeh ditto, all my stuff is digital. It's the WMC decision I can't get my head around.
Sure I doubt the majority of users actually use WMC, but they were on to something good. It's a lovely simple and clean system for people who want a HTPC system that "just works". Sure it lacked the advanced features that I love and adore XBMC for, but it's PVR features are unmatched. I doubt they will lose many sales because of this and the community kickback will likely die down in a week or so. It still sucks though. But could be a great opening for XBMC to win over more hearts! Big Grin
I agree with all above. I hope that this isn't the beginning of MS to phase out WMC. I could see them discontinuing it if they don't get a large amount of people to pay for the WMC upgrade.
With Google buying Sagetv there is probably high paid lawyers prodding about a bundled media software.
openelec for the win Smile
Microsoft had too many problems negotiating with the cable providers so they have pretty much abandoned the project. WMC never did catch on and the stats show barely anyone was using it so I cannot blame them. I still use it for my TV because nothing out their works as well and effortless.
XBMC is probably never going to have CableCARD support, so I don't know how much Microsoft's problems with WMC will affect XBMC adoption. I think when the PVR support is integrated into XBMC, people will mostly use it to watch live OTA broadcasts without having to reach for the universal remote. SickBeard is really a much more convenient solution for storing "recordings" than a PVR anyway. If Microsoft eventually phases out WMC, I think the average user who still wants a traditional PVR will just move to a TiVo or a cable provider's solution.
Windows 8 will have WMC. For 39.99 you can get windows 8 and WMC so I don't understand this thread

(2012-07-02, 18:09)eg4190 Wrote: XBMC is probably never going to have CableCARD support, ...
Full CableCARD support is unlikely but for channels flagged copy-freely my CC 3-tuner SiliconDust works just fine with the Myth backend. LiveTV is still pretty much a sore spot though.

We don't subscribe to the premiums so copy-once isn't an issue for us.

The future may be brighter than everyone once thought.

XBMC's PVR Calling - MS Drops the WMC ball!00