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Maintain Aspect Ratio
I have spent the day reading about ratios, I'm beginning to doubt even if this was possible!! and in fact i was losing some of the source image!!
i rarely post as 99% of the time can find out the answer myself, but this time i could do with a little help.

First off I'm very very pleased with the discussion to install xbmc eden pvr, for now i have just sorted my front end and will sort backend server_prv up when i have got this issue sorted out.

The one thing i cant figure out is how to make my 21:9 films, which is about 80% of my movies,to fit my full screen. When i used my last setup of WMC7_Media Browser and WMP HC as my external player, it had a feature which allowed the 21:9 source to fit the full screen without cropping the image.

Press Z to scroll through aspect ratios.

Or you can make your own aspect ratio:

Flirc now has a forum:
If you took a CIH image and somehow got it to fill in pixel per pixel to a 16x9, you'll end up with people and things looking too tall. Just like how a 4:3 is stretched to a 16x9.

My assumption is to zoom in to the point where the image fits in top to bottom then go to video calibration and change the borders by pushing them in.


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