Win all Plugins fail
I finally got around to playing with Eden and adding on streams, I successfully installed it on one computer and have streams working perfectly but on my second computer I'm having problems,

ever plugin fails and I have no idea why , including weather. As soon as I start the xbmc I'm getting plugin errors

I have deleted and reinstalled it and tried even copying the files from my original pc to the new one just to get it to work but nothing seems to work

here is my log, I have used search, and wiki

can someone help

It appears Python is not working for some reason. It should have installed the necessary Python resources when XBMC was installed. When you ran the XBMC installer, did you uncheck any of the default settings in the installer?
i have the same problem and i did not uncheck anything
Debug Log might have more answers
(2012-05-24, 13:58)11001097 Wrote: i have the same problem and i did not uncheck anything

(2012-05-24, 14:18)amet Wrote: debug log might have more answers


He already posted his Debug Log in an other thread and it seems that urllib2 wasn't installed
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I was actually talking to OP, wasnt paying attention to the post without log
i already posted the debug
so how do i install urllib2?
you cant just install urllib2, its part of python package... why it hasnt installed on your Win machine but it worked fine for 1 million other users is beyond me.

you have tried to reinstall? have you changed any default settings in the installer? what are you installing from? I hope its from ->
indeed its very weird and yes i downloaded from that site at the same time i installed it complete i did not uncheck anything .... Sad
same here I have been using this program for years dating back to xbox lol, and while I have never really ventured into the plugin area Eden has made this so easy and less time consuming I have re-installed it twice I will attempt a third time

hopefully this works
tried a fresh install deleted all folders including the roaming profile still nothing. Then I tried to download a nightly build and same result ... so if only a few of us are having this error something is wrong in our individual computers and not the download ... So I decided to give the PC a rest and installed it on my Apple tv and plugins are working perfectly. If any one can help narrow down the problem that would be great

here is the new log from the fresh install
3rd re-install and still same problem, I never had this problem with any of the other releases and like I said I even tried a Nightly Release and still nothing

any other suggestions?
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