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Problems with

There seems to be something wrong with the parser for site. I do not get any results for HD movies. For example a search for "wrath of the titans" on the web site results in 9 hits but only the 4 first (SD) is shown in the xbmc gui. The subtitels that is not shown contains an icon indicating that it's a HD movie, this is probably the html that the parser does not handle.


Compare with the website:

Otherwise, awesome plugin!
I just saw that I had written the wrong link to Corrected the link. Is there any sollution for this problem?
I can just confirm that I have the same issue. No subtitles from the HD category of is visible from the subtitle plugin. However it might be better to post your logs in the XBMC Subtitles thread that is being monitored by the developer.
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Thanks for the tip MutatedHero. I'll post in the other thread.

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